High Levels of Stress Affect Your Health and Beauty

Did you know high levels of stress affect your health and beauty?

High levels of stress can lead to skin problems, allergies, heart problems, headaches and even our image is affected by our high levels of stress. Our skin is affected, our hair falls, our nails don’t shine, we get dark circles around our eyes.

Look after yourself and if you see that your levels of stress are severe do something to stop it. You can learn how to reduce stress from your life. For some women it is not very easy to deal with stress.

Some stress is necessary in our lives so we can get motivated with our goals in life.

However, high levels of stress can be dangerous.

If you really want to be happy with yourself you have to learn how to reduce those stress levels.

Are you putting to much pressure on your own person?

There are different levels of stress.

The exhaustion stage is when our body and mind cannot cope anymore with the levels of stress that we are experiencing. This stage is also called “burn out”.

The best thing to do if you are suffering of very high levels of stress is to rest.

Take some time off and spend it resting, sleeping and try to stay away of the activities that are causing you so much stress.

You might be at the stress exhaustion stage phase if you are suffering of one of the following symptoms:
- Frequent or recurring headaches
- Constant anger or frustration even with the smaller things
- Inability to sleep
- Feeling very tired
- Lack of ability to concentrate
- Complete exhaustion

 Demi MooreIt can have serious consequences for your overall body and mind health if you don’t pay attention to these signs that are telling you that you have to stop.
Other things you can do is reduce the amount of activities you are going through now so your levels of stress reduce.

Ask for help if necessary. From the little things at home to the complex activities in life there is people and even organisations that can help you cope with stress in life.

Get trained to learn how to cope with stress

This picture is the image of the busy woman who is exposed to stress all the time.

The pressure on being perfect: perfect mum, perfect at work, perfect wife, looking perfect can have a high price in our body and mind health if we don’t learn how to cope with it. Train yourself and get new skills on coping with stress.

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