Hilary Duff’s Body After Pregnancy

“Get my body shape back after pregnancy!”

That is what all women who had a baby want.

Let’s accept it, we all want to see how celebrities look like after giving birth and what they do to look how they amazingly do just a few days after the baby is born.

For most cases we believe that it is cosmetic surgery the reason why the stars look so slim after pregnancy but not in the case of Hillary Duff.

I love to share pics of women that are famous and go through the same things as we (‘normal women’) do…

This is a picture of Hillary Duff who doesn’t look too skinny yet.

She has also been seen leaving the gym where she is doing intense spinning sessions. (Spinning is great for losing weight!)

That trick of the handbag covering her tummy area is not a coincidence, it is an actual trick to avoid showing more ‘volume ‘ to the cameras, so we can’t tell how fat or skinny she is.

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