Hilary Duff Does Pilates to Stay Slim

Hilary Duff when she was really really fat

I found the picture above and I couldn’t believe it was Hilary Duff when she was really really fat.

The famous and young actress had a baby not long ago and she has taken her time to get back to her pre-baby body shape. She has said that it takes normally 9 months to loose the excess fat after pregnancy. She called ‘freaks of nature‘ the ladies that walk out of hospital thinner than before.

Hilary Duff Super Slim Again
We have seen her attending her yoga and Pilates lessons regularly and here she is again showing off her slim and sexy body and most importantly a beautiful smile (let’s remember that once she was criticised for having yellow teeth).

I like pictures like this that can be an inspiration for women who want to loose their excess weight. Do you think pictures like the ones below can inspire you to continue exercising and having a healthy diet to achieve results in the long term like Hilary has done in her younger days and after having a baby.

Where does Hilary Duff do pilates?

At Studio City in California.

You cannot believe it is the same person in the image below.

Hilary Duff Before and After Being Fat

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Hilary Duff Does Pilates to Stay Slim — 4 Comments

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  3. The first pic is photoshop, Hilary Duff gain some weight during pregnancy, but not that much.

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