In other times it was fashionable to be match with  shades, mascara, lips, all the makeup, outfit, head accessories, shoes and purse, and so on. These days you need other things to have the perfect match and don’t go overboard. It’s easy to have the perfect balance all you’ve got to do is pick one area of your make up and stick it up while the rest will keep neutral. For example you can match your red lips with your dress and only use a liner and mascara for your eyes. You must look natural; discreet.

Don’t find an exact shade match when you try to coordinate color with your looks, especially when matching  eye shadow  to ensemble. Simply look for shades in the same color family with similar undertones to get the right effect.

You can also coordinate your main to your outfit or  your nail polish to your lipstick, it’s trendy too and celebrities like to do it all the time, another tip that will give you extra points is matching your pied with your main and don’t forget to match your accessories with your outfit for a look that’s color-coordinated from head to toe.