Ilincic Defies Boundaries

Roksanda Ilincic: Street style, Spring Summer 2014, London Fashion Week, Britain - 17 Sep 2013.Roksanda Wears CasuaL Outfits.

Roksanda Ilincic likes to “blur the boundaries” of fashion.

The designer is proud to be known for brightly-coloured evening gowns and cocktail dresses, but insists there is more to her than that. She believes she has helped change the way women dress fundamentally, as there are now fewer rules about what is acceptable.

“I think now the boundaries between what is casual and what is dressy, what is night and what is day are blurred,” she told

Roksanda explained it’s more about the way women wear pieces now. While a skirt might look dressy, pair it with a casual top and flat shoes and you have a whole new look.

“I focus on occasion dresses, but when I say occasion, that doesn’t mean cocktails but day dresses as well. So many dresses now are versatile enough to be worn in the day casually, but then a piece of jewellery or a beautiful belt will transform it for a more formal evening event,” she explained. “You need to wear something that feels really personal so that your personality comes through, and you’re not following trends blindly.”

The designer prides herself on thinking about what women want when she is creating. She puts comfort at the core of all her pieces, as she knows how horrible it is to wear something which doesn’t fit quite right.

Roksanda also makes sure all her outfits are thoroughly tested before they go into production.

“It’s always important that women, apart from feeling special or empowered, also feel very comfortable and that comes from being a woman myself. Often I test my designs, not just personally but with my female staff,” she said. “I’m very conscious about certain parts of the body that women don’t like to show as much, so I definitely consider this when I’m designing.”

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