Image Consulting School | Lesson 2: Horizontal Lines Yes or No

JENNY McCARTHY's dress hides her waist

Personal Stylists or Image Consultants will tell you that horizontal lines are a complete NO. If that is true, why is that so many different famous women were them. I found a few celebs wearing them yesterday and here I share the pics so we can talk about the tricks behind them.

In the picture above Jenny McCarthy wears thick horizontal lines in a very colourful dress.

Miranda Wears a horizontal lines top (same as little Flynn)
Miranda Wears a horizontal lines top (same as little Flynn)

The lines are very thin.

Below Taylor Swift wears a black dress with very thin white horizontal lines.

Taylor and Miranda have the body that won’t look fat regardless of what they were, indeed lines like these ones can help them to add volume. If you are very slim these type of outfits can become your best friend.

If you have a big body or a big area like butt or breasts it might not be a very good idea to choose these kind of clothes even when all the shops sell them and when all the stars wear them.

Jenny is wearing them above but she is getting help of other elements that make her look slimmer like the thick vertical lines on her both sides.

Visually she is creating a slimming effect with that dress.

Have a look to the following lesson and see how one square of the same size can look slimmer by using visual tricks like the thick vertical lines in the Left and Right sides.

Can you spot the difference?

Examples of how horizontal lines make you look fatter

Jenny is using the trick on your Right to look taller and slimmer.

TAYLOR SWIFT wears a dress for slim women

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