Iman: Don’t hide your beauty

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Iman has developed a CC cream because she wants to look like herself.

The supermodel has her own cosmetics range, which already includes everything from foundation to mascara and a BB cream.

Now she has jumped on the CC bandwagon, as she believes the colour correcting formula will give women a flawless finish without covering the things that make them unique.

“In my own family, my sisters, me and my mom are four different shades, so a lot of the time it’s not even about the ethnic background, it’s just the skin tone,” she explained to WWD.
Iman will be  launching her beauty products line
“The requirements of every woman are the same, regardless if she is as light as a Swedish girl or as dark as a Nubian girl from Sudan in Africa, it doesn’t matter — everybody wants the same thing; beautiful, flawless skin tone. Everybody is looking for that — make me look beautiful: Me. I don’t want to look like someone else.”

Iman Cosmetics CC Correct & Cover Powder to Crème Concealer will be available in five shades and works as a powder-to-cream formula.

It gives more coverage than the original BB version, but isn’t looking to eclipse the popular product.

“We love the BB cream for lighter coverage but obviously we have to use a concealer, for dark circles and [areas of concern],” Iman continued.

“It’s not a traditional concealer. It fades completely. You don’t need that much powder and it’s a perfect match — you don’t see where it starts or where it stops.”

The five creams are set to prelaunch online on December 15 and will be available across 2,000 US stores from January 1.

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