Imperfect Teeth: Celebrities with Pretty Smiles

Blake Lively shows her imperctly perfect smile and her beautiful white teeth that might be exposed to frequent teeth whitening procedures to achieve that whiteness.

I believe the most important here is how beautiful a woman that smile looks (regardless of the perfection of our teeth).

Teeth Whitening has become a very common procedure among celebrities. Some celebrities that have been seen with imperfect yellowish teeth are Katie Holmes, Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff.

More and more stars get their dose of teeth whitening from their dentists and these treatments have become available not only for the rich and the famous. There are some whitening products that can be bought even from the supermarket. Some dentists say that those cheaper options don’t work. I have even heard that those tooth pastes that offer the teeth whithening benefit don’t have any real properties for tooth whitening. Others say that the products dentists use are similar to what you can get for less money.

I thing dental health is important but I am not happy with the obsession of having our teeth perfectly white. Our teeth colour changes with age and other factors. Tea for example contributes to darken our teeth. I just don’t think we need to have perfectly white teeth to be pretty (as long as our teeth are cleaned regularly and we have a decent oral health we don’t have to obsess with the topic).

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