Implant Sizes of the Famous Women

Most celebrities have implants. At your request this is a list of the bra sizes of famous women. We are not sure if they are implants or not but this is the size of their breasts.

Women considering breast implants like to know the breast sizes of their favourite stars.

If you are considering a boob job, please don’t think that your boobs will look like your favourite celebrity. The results depend on different things including your size, height, measurements, implant sizes, implant shapes and even the artistic work that your surgeon performs.

Daily Makover has an article on how to tell if celebrities have had a makeover.

  1. Amber Heard: Bra Size: 36-D
  2. This size sounds very big but I don’t think her boobs look huge. I actually have her in my list of celebrities with small breasts.

  3. Amber Tamblyn: Bra Size: 34-A
  4. Amber Valletta: Bra Size: 34-B
  5. Ana Beatriz Barros: Bra Size: 34-B
  6. Ana Beatriz Barros Beauty Problems

  7. Andie MacDowell: Bra Size: 34-B
  8. Angelina Jolie: 36-C
  9. Anna Kournikova: Bra Size: 32-B
  10. Anna Paquin: 34-B
  11. AnnaLynne McCord: Bra Size: 32-B
  12. Annalynne Mccord Fat or Wrong Clothes?

  13. Anne Hathaway: Bra Size: 34-C
  14. Arielle Kebel: Bra Size: 32-B
  15. Ashlee Simpson: Bra Size: 32-B
  16. La Toya Jackson: Bra Size: 32-D
  17. Ashley Greene: Bra Size: 34-B
  18. Ashley Tisdale Bra Size: 34-A
  19. Aubrey O’Day: Bra Size: 34-D
  20. Audrey Hepburn: Bra Size: 34-A
  21. Audrina Patridge: Bra Size: 35-C
  22. Avril Lavigne: Bra Size: 33-B
  23. Autumn Reeser Bra Size: 32-B
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