Increase your Breast Size Naturally without Plastic Surgery: Boob Jabs

Too good to be true.

 Increase your breast size without plastic surgery and no scars.

Aussie Women are already lining up for this technology that is approved in other countries.

Aussie women like bigger breasts but many of them do not like to have a surgery.

Boob Jabs not available in Australia yet

At the moment in Australia you can only increase the size of your breast with a breast implant surgery also called Boob Job.

An alternative procedure is called Boob Job Jabs are the latest cosmetic craze in the UK.  It is a walk in walk out procedure.  It has been uses for many years in the UK and Europe.

This technique has to be approved here in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The benefits of Boob Jabs

It is non surgical, recovery time is 24 hours, the substance used is natural  and it leaves no scars.

The component of the product is a natural substance that has been uses for many years in medicine.

Boob Jabs VS Breast Implants

Breast implants need surgery, 2 weeks to recover and unnatural substances are implanted.

The cost

It is expensive.  It will cost between 5000 to 7000 dollars if it is approved.

It is not permanent

Results only last for about 18 months.

Some women think that this is good so they can decide if they want bigger boobs or just stay the way they are.

Sydney Women are waiting for it. Doctor Eddy Dona at Cosmos Clinic already has a waiting list.

What does it involve?

It involves a surgeon injecting a gel-like filler called Macrolane to enlarge or firm up breasts under the guidance of fully-conscious patients.

Macrolane is made up of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring “gooey” molecule similar to the cosmetic filler Restylane.

Unlike silicone, which is commonly used in breast implants, it can be broken down by the body.

 You should consult your doctor before making any decision about your health. does not recommend any cosmetic procedure.  We just present this information here for your convenience and information.  Make sure  you see a qualified surgeon.


Would you spend $7,000 to have bigger boobs only for 5 months?

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