Inès: Don’t Be a Square

Chanel: Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014.Fshion Capsule Collection

Inès de la Fressange’s new line is for women who don’t want to be “too square”.

The French model-and-muse has created a for Japanese retailer Uniqlo. When the venture started she was very clear about her intention, which was to come up with pieces which wouldn’t intimidate everyday women but also offered something fresh.

“These clothes are made for these girls who don’t want to be too square but they also are not fashion icons. I’m not going every day to a fashion show,” she told “When I am in the shops these days, I feel that the clothes are crazy expensive and I will only wear them just once. I am fed up with clothes that cost a month’s salary. I am most seduced when the whole line mixes together in way that gives you a wardrobe.”

Inès thinks women are far too obsessed with their wardrobes these days. While it’s important to look good, the model is tired of hearing ladies worrying about their personal style and whether they are selecting the right pieces. She reminds fashion fans they haven’t been in the industry their whole lives, which is why they should look to designers for advice.

“I wanted to be able to give women a solution immediately. I remember when women would go in to Saint Laurent and they wouldn’t know anything about fashion but they would come out looking much better. Same with Chanel and earlier with Armani,” she explained.

Inès was quizzed on what makes her line stand out from all the others. Stores like H&M and Target have become renowned for teaming up with top designers, but that’s of no interest to the star. As she doesn’t have a main line, she feels her pieces offer something different.

“Usually with collaborations like this, it’s between a brand and a major retailer. It’s really just to give the customers the idea that they can afford the brand and then eventually they will shop in your shop… But I am not a brand, and I don’t have a shop. I am just me. I quite like not doing things like the others,” she explained.

The 56-year-old star added she gets inspiration from image-sharing website Pinterest and from the things her 14-year-old and 20-year-old daughters direct her to.

“Recently, they showed me one of Pharrell Williams’ videos, Happy. I think that is much more what I want. More than when I see a runway with 73 models looking very sad and the same.  I think Pharrell’s world is much more the fashion that I want,” she laughed.

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