Isabel Marant: I Was Ugly

'Isabel Marant For H&M' : Photocall At Tennis Club De Paris.Isable Marant defines herself as a tough girl.


Isabel Marant describes herself as an “ugly little girl”.

The French designer is known for her quirky tomboy and bohemian style.

As a child Isabel learnt how to embrace her unique appearance while her brother’s looks stole people’s attention.

“My mother was a German model, she was super pretty and I was an ugly little girl. No really I was,” she laughed to “I had a beautiful brother and everybody would say to him, ‘What a nice girl,’ even though he was a boy and nobody would look at me. I was a tough little girl. In hindsight, I think I had to define myself in some way. So I turned to music and was very influenced by that.”

By listening to strong female singers, such as PJ Harvey and Alison Mosshart, Isabel was inspired  to produce unique clothing. Along with her eponymous label the fashionista also has a collection with high street store H&M, which she poured her heart into.

“[Female rock singers] have a roughness and femininity. There is strength, but also fragility – it’s something I incorporate into my work. I want to dress myself every day. I pick up the things I feel good and comfortable in, that give me a certain attitude. I like simple things, not things that show off,” she continued.

“I am so involved in everything, it’s not just about product – each piece is like a child to me and I want to design it like I would an intricate piece of jewellery. I put a piece of my soul in everything and hopefully that keeps it unique.”

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