Isabella Cruise Weight Problems

It must be so hard to be Nicole Kidman’s daughter. Nicole is so pretty, she is always in a good shape, everybody thinks she is a beauty icon.

This is Isabella Cruise, Nicole’s daughter.

Let’s not forget that Kidman was once married to Tom Cruise.

I always read articles where the media compares Lourdes Leon with her famous mum Madonna that I think how hard it must be to have such a benchmark. I imagine it is the same for Isabella: she has to cope with the comparisons with her gorgeous mum (when she might not be even interested in looking the way Kidman does).

Probably the main comparison is about body shape and weight. Isabelle’s body shape is not as slim as Nicole’s.

Isabella has been recently on the news since an Australia’s Magazine published an interview with Isabella where the young lady says that she loves her mum.

Tom Cruise’s daughter lives now in LA.

Isabella Cruis also has got acne.

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