Issues with Self-Confidence & Body Image | Resources to Feel Better About Yourself!

Body Image affects us more than we believe – accepting and liking who we are is a skill that can be learned.

I have put together a workshop that will help you to improve your self-confidence and body issues.

Positive Body Image Course in web is saturated by negative body image pictures and articles but there are also a lot of resources that can help you if you have problems accepting yourself or dealing with your flaws.

I invite you to join my online workshop, it is free and it is all online.

I also provide you with a list of valuable resources that could help you to deal with all these issues that affect a lot of people.

Articles on how body image affects us
Books on how to improve your body image

News about the topic

Panel of Recovery addresses eating disorders and body image concerns

External Resources

Playford Station: A comprehensive list of resources for young people with body image issues

Articles in

2 teenagers get plastic surgery as their 15th Birthday present

Research Studies

I’m not just fat, I’m old: has the study of body image overlooked “old talk”?
Journal of Eating Disorders: I’m not just fat, I’m old: has the study of body image overlooked “old talk”?

Resources for protecting Children’s Body Image

I have created this post with a comprehensive list of resources that will assist you to protect your children’s body image.

Keep your children out of the Firing Line Fact Sheet

Resources for women

Women and eating disorders
Understanding food and body image – Infosheet – 2009

Resources for men

Boys now feel the pressure of the beauty myth

The man behind the mask: male body image dissatisfaction

Eating disorders

What is an eating disorder – published by the National Mental Health Strategy

Body Image

The secret life of the body dismporphic disorder
What is body dismorphic disorder by ReachOut
TEst that will help you identify if you have BDD by Panic Anxiety Mood

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