Ivanka Trump | Before & After Cosmetic Surgery

I still don’t understand if it was her surname or her father’s (Donald Trump) who makes her be on the list of the Most Attractive women in the world.

Here she is and you can say by the look of the images below if she has gone through cosmetic surgery or not. I believe she has chosen large breast implants.

Ivanka Trump attended the Golden Globe Awards last January was published at Zimbio, sporting what appears to be a new set of breast implants. Although they look a bit big for her body, there is a possibility that they will decrease in size over the next few months.

Ivanka Trump

WireImage / Zimbio

Ivanka’s breasts look a bit swollen in the upper pole (the upper part of the breast). This is very common in breast augmentation where the implant is placed under the chest muscle. It can take several months for the implants to settle or drop, after which they will look smaller and more natural.

When breast implants are placed above the muscle, the swelling is less and the upper pole swelling is less as well. I would bet that over the next few months her chest will look better and better.

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