Jacobs: Fashion Isn’t Everything

British Fashion Awards 2013 - Red Carpet Arrivals. Fashion Is Not Art.


Marc Jacobs insists fashion is not art.

The former Louis Vuitton creative director doesn’t hold with the view that style can be life-changing. Although he will always appreciate designers who bring something new to the table, he maintains people shouldn’t take fashion too seriously.

“I don’t ever think of fashion as art,” he said during a talk in London. “We don’t need fashion. We don’t need beautiful buildings. We need clothes for the body. We need food and water to eat. We need a place to live. But we want so much more – and we have so much more. We have beautiful art, beautiful buildings, clothes, fashion, fragrance, cosmetics, music, writing – it’s all of them that inspire me.”

Marc gave his talk with Peter Marino, who he used to work with at Vuitton. The designer confirmed he was leaving the fashion house after his Spring/Summer 14 show in October and has been replaced by former Balenciaga star Nicolas Ghesquière.

Although Marc is excited by this new chapter of his career, he is also nervous. The designer is also interested to see the direction in which Nicolas takes Vuitton.

“Actually, I’m a little scared. I mean, it wouldn’t be me if I sat here and pretended to be super confident about everything. There’s a kind of healthy fear that I have – it’s how I operate. On a good day, I believe it’s going to be amazing, and on a bad day I think I need that other place to hide,” he explained.

“I’ve always admired Nicolas. You know, I’m curious to see what he’ll do. I mean, we have such different aesthetics. I guess I’ve gone through kind of ups and downs about it, but the thing is, before me there was no ready-to-wear. There were no shoes; there [was] no jewellery and no men’s wear — there was nothing. So, I had an opportunity that was so wonderful… I’m just really glad that somebody who I really respect and admire and I think is a great talent is there. I’m just curious to see what he does.”

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