Jared Leto’s ‘Natural Look’

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Jared Leto “transcends both worlds” according to his hair stylist.

Aaron Grenia and Chase Kusero helped create Jared’s current long look.

The singer-and-actor turned heads at the Golden Globes on Sunday with a messy ‘man bun’, and the stylists believe it’s this natural look that draws people in.

“Jared is a cool guy. He transcends both worlds: he’s an amazing actor and rock star,” Aaron said to New York Magazine’s The Cut.

“He is one of the only guys wearing [hair] so long, besides Ozzy Osbourne, another client of Chase’s and mine. I think people are drawn to that natural look.”

Chase has handled Jared’s hair for years and is responsible for the cut and colour.

Aaron meanwhile takes charge of styling the 30 Second to Mars frontman’s locks and couldn’t be prouder of the end result.

“The ombré that Chase did was beautiful and what really caught people’s eyes. He was one of the only guys to ever be in People Magazine for best hair!” Aaron said.

“Chase does more of a painting, more freestyle, which for ombré is a little different.”

While the two men collaborate on the star’s hair, Jared knows what to do with it himself.

And Aaron was full of praise for the Dallas Buyers Club actor when it comes to his crowning glory.

“The challenging thing is, Jared knows what to do with his hair. He isn’t someone who doesn’t understand it. He knows hair,” Aaron explained.

“He actually did a lot of those early cuts himself! He’s got a sense of style and branding. He has control over everything that goes out.”

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