Jen-An ‘Jealous of Stylist’s Miley Bond’

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Jennifer Aniston reportedly wants her hair stylist Chris McMillan to focus on her mane, and not Miley Cyrus’.

The former Friends star has had a long and successful working relationship with Chris, who is famed for creating her ‘Rachel’ look for the hit TV show in the ’90s.

But his attention has now been diverted to new client Miley, whom he created the bleached pixie cut for, according to Radar.

“Miley has radically remade her look with the help of handpicked hairdresser Chris, but the successful creative collaboration between the pair is headed for splitsville because of Jen,” a source divulged Radar.

“Jen has gotten very impatient with Chris’ constant attention to Miley – as well as the fact that Miley’s hair is getting so many headlines.”

Chris has previously spoken out about his plans for 21-year-old Miley’s infamous hair style, which will see the singer growing it out but keeping the sides short for another edgy look.

Jennifer, 44, is also said to be keen for a new makeover, and recently debuted a new shorter haircut, which Chris described as a “chewed-up bob.”

“She [Jennifer] does want Chris to refocus on her image in the coming year, as she has three movies in the pipeline with big potential in 2014,” the insider continued.

“Jen wants Chris to lay off Miley for a while. It’s become an ultimatum. She has been dissatisfied with the situation for a long time, and things seem to have reached a breaking point.”

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