Jennifer Aniston wears a very very wide belt

Jennifer Aniston body shape doesn't need such a big belt

Jennifer Aniston posing at the red carpet for the Premier of We are the Millers in Berlin.

Jennifer Aniston emphasizes her waist with a very wide belt

Is her outfit selection poor or great?

Jennifer Aniston is Jennifer Aniston, she is pretty, rich and famous. We all know it, we all like her so basically she can wear whatever she wants and she will still look fabulous. But… I believe that this time, her personal stylist (if she has one) didn’t honour her great style that she normally has.
Jennifer Aniston body shape doesn't need such a big belt
The actress looks boring and daring at the same time. Boring because she has gone for an all black outfit and a very boring dress. She is daring because she was brave enough to wear a very wide belt that reminds me of a boxing champion.
Jennifer’s body shape is amazing so I believe she is not desperate for finding a way to prove that her waist is slimmer than her hips. Jennifer has indeed a curvy and sexy body and we can’t really pay attention to it because that heavy belt is very distractive. I kept on looking at the picture and my attention went all the time to her ‘trendy’ belt.
Her handbag is also a bit too big but I believe that doesn’t really matter after observing the size of her waistline accessory.
In case JA personal stylist wants my recommendations for next time I would go for more colours, the hemline of this dress is great because Jen can show off her beautiful legs. I would probably find a way for her to flaunt her curves without the need of wearing the chunky belt.

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