Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Secrets

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Jennifer Aniston reportedly takes “pre-emptive strikes” to look youthful.
The former Friends actress turns 45 next week but looks younger than ever.
It appears Jennifer has a strict regime when it comes to maintaining her beauty. Rather than go for the cliché methods Jennifer is said to have a clever approach.
“Jen is smart. She’s managed to look the same for a decade because she’s taken small ‘pre-emptive strikes’ as she calls them,” a source told British magazine Look.
“She uses fillers in specific areas so her face still looks natural, plumping up the lines around her mouth and paralysing the lines around her eyes. She also uses a mild bleaching cream to counteract sun damage and dark circles under her eyes.”
Jennifer reportedly spends £5,498 a month on these treatments in Beverly Hills. One place in particular is reportedly a regular spot for the blonde star.
“Last month Jen went to her favourite clinic – Mila Moursi Skin Care Institute in LA,” a close pal revealed.
It is believed here she tried out the anti-aging CO2 Erbium Laser Resurfacing. This method uses pulsating beams of light on the skin to make it look more fresh.
“Jennifer also uses pomegranate seed oil to hydrate her skin. And she drinks the juice to decrease inflammation from any breakouts or infections,” the pal added.
“The fruit from the seeds also helps heal oxidative and UV damage from regular exposure to LA smog and harsh sun, and plumps her skin.”

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