Jennifer Hawkins Makeover?

What has Jennifer Hawkins done to her beautiful face?

I compared these two recent and old pictures of the former Australian Miss Universe and I am sad to say that all those comments that I have heard from you saying that the Aussie model got a makeover are true.


The questions now are:

Is it Botox?

Is it Surgery?

Does she look prettier?

Was she prettier before when she was a natural beauty?

SkinnyVSCurvy published this picture with two now and then images of the 2nd hottest Australian Woman (for Maxim Magazine).

We can tell that the Aussie supermodel has gone through some cosmetic procedures.

Why did the amazingly beautiful Australian Model changed her face to look like a Barbie?

Jennifer Hawkins Before and After (skinnyvscurvy)

sydney4women’s celebrities beauty obsessed are looking at:

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Jessica Hawkins Model Bares All for Marie Claire

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