Jennifer Hawkins is still the face of Myer | Not everybody is happy!

Can a beautiful face be boring?

This Facebook post suggests that people get bored of the same face when they get to see the same thing over and over again. Even when that face is as pretty as the one of Jennifer Hawkins people want to see a different image.

Today Myer posted on their Facebook page that they are thrilled to announce that Jen will continue with them.

We’re thrilled to announce that the gorgeous Jennifer Hawkins has extended her contract with Myer and will continue in her role as the Face of Myer for the next three years!

Jennifer Hawkins close up

People think Myer needs a fresh face

These are some of the comments of the public:

  • Would have preferred a new face really. Myer needs a refreshed cover.
  • Would like to see someone new, so many beautiful young girls out there!!!
  • Give someone else a chance
  • Time for a fresh face!! Disappointed!

People think Jennifer’s beauty is fake

Another discussion also emerged in this Facebook conversation: Women discussing how fake Jennifer is. These are some of the comments about Jennifer Hawkins Natural or Fake Beauty!

  • It’s a pity it’s not a natural face. She has had so much work done she looks nothing like the Miss Universe Jen Hawkins. Plastic plastic plastic.
  • she’s so fake

Other nasty comments were also part of this conversation. From bad language to negative comparisons with other celebs. It must be hard to get to see all these negative comments of Facebook about you.

Myer gets free promotion from all these negative comments

For Myer this conversation is positive even when people say negative things about Jen they are still talking and spreading the word about Myer. This conversations become viral and that is how social media marketing works. Everbody talks, everybody reads.


Myer gets criticism for the bad quality of their products

This is one comment that talks about the low quality of Mayer’s clothes

maybe the money spent on ms JH, should be directed towards better quality merchandise, Myer is full of very low quality, plasticky feeling expensive clothes….

Some people still like Jen

The positive side is that there are also people who write nice things.

  • I love everything she wears
  • Absolutely gorgeous
  • I have her hair!!!!!!!!

    All these comments made me wonder if people can get really bored of a beautiful (fake or natural) face like Jen’s.

    Have a look to some of the comments that Myer’s Facebook followers said about Jen being the face of Myer again.

    Face of Jennifer Hawkins + Facebook conversation

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