Jennifer Lawrence Fat?

Oh my God if this is fat what are the 80% of women in the world?

Jennifer Lawrence has said that she won’t starve to get be part of any movie, instead she is willing to gain weight if the character needs her to do it.

On the pressure to lose weight in Hollywood: “Oh God, yes, I’m so tired of the lollipops. I mean, if I looked like that I wouldn’t be tired of it, obviously. But it’s hilarious, the way I’m supposedly the overweight one? Like, they got me at the movies yesterday and the caption read somethin glike ‘Curvy star cannot wait to dig into tub of popcorn.” I mean, c’mon! I’m just a normal girl who likes to eat. At least they got me using my hands.”
Source: Vogue UK posted by Celebitchy

Gaining weight?
She was asked by Mr. Russell to gain weight for the part. “I was like, ‘Hell, yeah!’ That never happens in a movie.”

Accepting you have weaknesses

“When I dance, I look like I’m a dad at a prom. I never grasped my limbs. Ever since puberty I’ve just kind of felt like we don’t understand each other.”

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