Jenny McCarthy confesses it takes a lot to look good

Jenny McCarthy admits it “takes a lot” for her to look good.

The model-and-actress always looks polished on the red carpet thanks to her flawless complexion and perfect hair.

She might make it look effortless but the 41-year-old isn’t afraid to be honest about the lengthy process of getting ready for a big event.

“Oh girl, it takes a lot [to stay camera ready all the time]. It takes a good hair and make-up team, wardrobe is another thing, but then there’s you know, beauty maintenance,” she revealed to HollywoodLife.

Many celebrities are reluctant to divulge information about extra help they receive to look beautiful.

Jenny on the other hand is happy to admit she’s had fillers and that not everything about her is natural.

“I haven’t been one to hide, and I’m sure you’ve printed before, that I’ve used Botox and things like that, hair extensions, but also, Vanna White gave me advice early on, literally 20 years ago, which was about laser hair removal. ‘That’ll be your favourite beauty secret,’” the blonde star said.

“So, I started using the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X and it’s pretty unbelievable, the results, considering it’s an in-home device. So, that’s a way that I can go, ‘Woop, woop’ [puts arms up] on The View and you don’t see any more issues because of this.”

It could be that Jenny is about to prepare her beauty routine for the biggest event of her life – her wedding.

She is currently dating Donnie Wahlberg and recently revealed she could see herself walking the down the aisle with him.

“I think he would be an amazing husband! So, if he does [propose] yeah, I would sure say yes,” she smiled.

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