Jessica Simpson Not Fat Anymore!

I honestly don’t like to call women fat but those are the words that my sydney4women visitors use to find the pictures of their favourite celebrities and I do believe that my pics and comments are worth watching so I have to use the terms that people use to refer to people that have gained weight.

Jessica Simpson has had a battle with lost weight. It hasn’t been easy but I have observed other famous ladies like Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera in their weight loss journeys with worse results than Jessica.

The scandal with Jessica and the reason why she keeps us all interested in her extra kilos is because she signed a contract with Weight Watchers and of course she most lose those extra kilos to be elegible to earn the large amount of money that she is entitled to by proving that the Weight Watchers System works.

I have been having fun with Jessica’s after baby body journey. Sorry Jess, but celebs give us entertainment. It is fun to listen to their stories and learn that they are as human like you and me and weight loss is not easy not even for the rich and the famous.

I have been checking her out going to the gym and struggling to get back into shape, then she filmed a tv commercial where we could only see her face. Isn’t that funny! Yes, because she wasn’t able to reduce weight they only filmed her face.

Later on she was seen with her sister with a much more slimmer figure.

A few weeks ago the news that she was pregnat again went viral on the internet.

Finally she is seen again in another tv commercial showing off a more slimmer body.

Jessica says that she didn’t have to be perfect just human to lose 50 pounds. She is advertising the new weight watchers 360 program.

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