John Varvatos’ Kiss Surprise

John Varvatos - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014. Kiss Sytle Make -up

John Varvatos wanted to give his latest show a superhero theme.

The designer surprised audience members at his Milan Fashion Week Men’s show yesterday with an unannounced appearance from rock band Kiss.

This followed his models wearing Kiss style make-up, white faces with black stars over the eyes, as they walked down the catwalk.

“I wanted to give a superhero sense to the show. Every guy, at some point growing up, wants to be a superhero. And fantasy can be reality. But the collection isn’t grungy. We were thinking if [the band members from] Kiss got married, what would they be married in?” John laughed to WWD.

“I wanted to be Superman. And Kiss. They were my superheroes. I had been wanting to do a fantasy show, with clothes that everybody wears. And the models all want everything. I’m psyched.”

John’s Fall/Winter 14 collection featured gothic flair, with dark clothes and accessories. The setting was based around stone walls, iron chandeliers and flickering candles.

Long black coats with shredded leather sleeves accompanied silver crocodile jackets and shiny black leather trousers.

John has worked with Kiss before, and the designer likes to surprise his audiences with his rock star friends.

“Last year, we filmed a video at our store in the Bowery. We invited 250 people, and all we said was that we were recording a music video. No one knew who was performing, and they left their phones at the door and had to sign an NDA.

“Kiss played for two hours – an entire set. It was amazing, and it was the smallest venue they had played in 40 years. In Milan last summer, they played to an audience of 35,000 people – and that was one of their smaller shows in Europe,” John proudly revealed.

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