Jolie ‘Eats Collagen Mallows’


Angelina Jolie reportedly eats collagen marshmallows to look youthful.

The 38-year-old actress is said to be a fan of Japanese brand Eat Yourself Beautiful’s sweet treats.

In a packet, consumers will find marshmallows that taste of cherry, yoghurt and grapefruit and they have already been flying off the shelves in Asia and Australia.

Being less invasive than injections and including up to 3000mg of collagen peptides per packet, Angelina reportedly tucks into them every day.

“For Ange, I think they fill her up while helping her look great,” a close pal told British magazine Look. “It’s a win-win situation!”

While they may be tasty and reasonably priced, medical expert Dr. Martin Edwards has urged caution.

If Angelina is purchasing the products online he believes she needs to do thorough research in what she’s digesting.

“If you’re buying something off the internet, you do so at your own risk. You never quite know what you’re getting,” he advised.

“Results can be seen if you inject [collagen], but eating it isn’t necessarily effective.”

This isn’t the first time Angelina is said to have been caught up in a bizarre diet.

She reportedly previously put herself through an extremely low-calorie food intake to maintain her trim figure.

“She became obsessed with soup. Light soups that didn’t have a cream base – that became the constant request. Her daily diet varies,” a source previously revealed. “Sometimes it will be just green tea and nuts. Other days, it will be red meat and red wine, and then, back to tea and some tiny portion of protein.”

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