Josie | UK Big Brother’s Winner Has Got a New Body & She Blames the Surgar!!!

The Daily Mail UK shares the story of Josie Gibson’s new body.

Josie weighed nearly 17 stone when she left the Big Brother house in 2010 but has since worked hard to beat the bulge.
And the reality star blames an addiction to sugar for causing her to put on weight and says her craving for the substance was like needing heroin.

Speaking on Daybreak recently, the Reality TV Star who now proudly shows a slim and sexy body explained how bad it was for her to be addicted to sugar:

‘Being a sugar addict was like being addicted to heroin, but heroin being everywhere. Sugar is everywhere.
‘Imagine going into a petrol station and heroin being everywhere.’
She added: ‘I didn’t realise, I was going to the supermarket and buying stuff with no fat but not realising it was full of sugar.

‘Sugar is a drug and when you have it you’re on a high and want more. But when you come down it makes you want more.’

‘My diet had a lot to do with causing emotional issues, I was so depressed that I couldn’t sleep properly. But exercise broke the whole habit.

Josie UK Big Brother After Excessive Weight Loss

I thought this story might be interesting since not many ‘famous’ women having weight loss issues talk about them so openly. I believe Josie can be an inspirational story for women who can’t lose weight for emotional reasons. The star also added:

‘Before I lost weight I was nearly size 20 and my only exercise was partying.
‘I’ve tried all the diets – I did the Cambridge Diet and lasted from the meeting until I got home!
‘They gave me all the bits and pieces but I ate a week’s worth of food on the spot, then stopped for a kebab.’

Can you relate to this story?

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