Jovovich: I need new clothes

Liverpool Fashion Fest event, Mexico City, Mexico - 22 Aug 2013. Milla Doesn´t Look Stylish


Milla Jovovich didn’t recognise herself when she recently wore a “cheesy” Hawaiian top.

The 37-year-old model is known for her stylish ensembles and fabulous photo shoots.

When she isn’t posing in front of the cameras Milla doesn’t feel the need to dress up, but admits her wardrobe is in desperate need of an update.

“I had to go shopping recently. I’d put on this top – it’s silky with a Hawaiian print – totally cheesy and amazing. A year ago, I loved it,” she recalled to The Edit. “But I looked at myself in the mirror and I’m like, ‘Who do I think I am? I have no idea who this person is looking back at me.’”

She has now taken to asking her fashion designer friends for advice on how to rediscover her sense of style. Milla prefers pieces from menswear collections than feminine designs.

“I love the sexy, boyish thing. I’m friends with Hedi Slimane and I got hooked up with all these clothes from the men’s collection,” she explained. “Harry Brant [the son of model Stephanie Seymour and industrialist Peter Brant] and I were sitting next to each other at the show and fighting over the clothes. I was like, ‘See that blazer Harry? That’s mine.’”

The beauty’s figure has changed dramatically over the past 12 months. She feels a lot more confident now than when she posed for a magazine shoot last year.

“Last summer, I was definitely 15lb lighter. I’d done a Vogue Paris cover at the end of 2012, so I’d been to the gym and I was on a liquid diet,” she remembered. “I lost the weight but, to be honest, when I looked at pictures of myself – not in a magazine, in real life – I felt I looked older.”

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