Julia Roberts’ Beauty Look

julia-roberts-at-71st-annual-golden-globe-awards_1. Julia surprised with her outfit.


Julia Roberts’ Golden Globes beauty look was created to match the “structure” of her dress.

The actress surprised with her outfit choice at last night’s ceremony, opting for a creation by Dolce & Gabbana. The design was a strapless fishtail black gown with a diamante belt, although rather than showing off Julia’s chest and arms they were covered with a white business shirt which was tucked into the gown’s bodice.

Make-up wise the star opted for a classic smokey eye, which artist Genevieve Herr thought long and hard about.

“I wanted the [make-up] to match the structure of the dress,” she told style.com.

Julia and Genevieve decided on a cat-like shape for her peepers, starting with Lancôme Liner Design Gel Eyeliner in Black Fishnets. This was smudged all over the lids, apart from in the very inner corners. Black and grey shadows were then added on top, to aid longevity.

“The key is to shake the brush [after dabbing it into the pigment], blow on it, and then apply to the eye,” Genevieve explained.

Each of these products were traced along the lower lash line too, with a cotton bud used to blend them out so the look wasn’t too severe.

Two coats of mascara finished the eyes, along with some individual false lashes added into the outer corners.

The artist decided against using a beige lipstick as she feels the look has been overdone. Instead she found a colour which was close to Julia’s natural lips but a little glossier.

“It’s much more modern if you add a little colour,” she said.

The cosmetics expert also explained why she and Julia went down the eyes route, rather than choosing a bold lip.

“We have never done red lips. [Julia] has big lips, so there’s no need to define them with [vibrant] lipstick,” she insisted.

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