Justin Jedlica Has Had 100+ Cosmetic Surgical Procedures & Spent More than £60,000 to look like a Real Ken

“I love the fact that I’ve had 100 different cosmetic procedures as it’s helped set me apart as a unique individual.
“Some people might say I look overdone, but really I’m just trying to look like an improved version of myself.
“I’m the only human Ken doll in the world and to me that’s quite an accomplishment.”

Human Ken VS Human Barbie!!!!?
This image was published by the Huffington Post.

Justin Jedlica assures that 100+ cosmetic surgical procedures have given him Confidence and happyness!?

“People are quick to judge calling me superficial, ugly and even a freak, but plastic surgery has brought me a lot of happiness and I’m confident with who I am.”

Have you seen Valeria Lykyanova, the human Barbie?

Justin Jedlica the young man who has spent more than £60,000 to look like a human Ken talks about Valeria.

See more pictures of the Human Barbie Doll

image published by www.whatsonxiamen.com

image published by www.whatsonxiamen.com

“Her hair is fake, her lips are drawn on and she insists on having tons of extra lighting in the room to make her skin look porcelain white.
“But in reality, when you wipe away all that make-up you just have an average-looking girl next door.
“Unlike me, who has spent a fortune crafting my body to permanently become a human Ken doll, Valeria is simply an illusion and a fake Barbie.”

In a shocking exclusive interview with The Sun reveals that he has no plans of stopping his plastic surgery obsession until he’s 100 percent plastic, just like his idol Ken.

the 32-year-old New Yorker has had 100 different cosmetic procedures including five nose jobs, and 13 butt injections, still wants MORE.

The (I suppose) rich young man has said:

“I’ve operated on nearly everything that’s possible to operate on and I’ve customised my body from head to toe, but I still want more.”

“Just like girls get butt implants to look like Kim Kardashian or pump their lips to look like Angelina Jolie, I’m trying to reach the male version of perfection, which to me is the Ken doll.
“And now, after $100,000 of plastic surgery, I’ve become just as plastic as the doll itself.”

Being bullied at school motivated him to get his looks changed:

“I was very tall and thin and a bit awkward as a teenager and was always a bit of a loner.
“I had gaps in my teeth, I wore huge bifocal glasses because my vision was so bad and I was forced to shave twice a day because I had so much facial hair.
“I hated school as I would get bullied about my looks and as time went on I became more and more determined to change everything about myself. ”

Since he was 14 he started to create his ideal of perfection:

“When I was 14 I started drawing pictures of what I wished I looked like with a thin pointy nose, flat forehead and blue eyes.
“I would even photo copy pictures of myself, alter them with pencils and erasers to make myself look more attractive.
“As time went on I began to realise more and more that my ideal look was actually Barbie’s boyfriend Ken.”

Justin tells that his mum was supportive but his dad doesn’t understand him.

“My dad and I didn’t connect much when I was growing up
“As his first son he was looking for someone to watch sports and play football with, but as an artist I was more interested in more creative activities.
“We didn’t really understand or relate to each other much on a personal level and though we’re on good terms today, we still don’t see each other very often.”

The young man who was become a sensation also said that he wasn’t rich as the initial story made me believe. He had to save money to pay for his first surgery.

He told The Sun how he started to develop his addiction to cosmetic surgery:

“I was hooked the first time I went under the knife and seeing the results just gave me an amazing buzz I knew I wanted to experience again and again.

“Fixing my nose was my main objective when I first started getting plastic surgery, but as I continued to learn about new treatment options I kept wanting more and more work done. It really is an addiction.

He is still not fully satisfied:

“Believe it or not with my nose, even after spending a total of £17,000 to getting it where it is now, I still don’t think it’s perfect.”

Laser Eye Surgery for vision correction, pectoral implants, 13 fillers to plump up his bump, shoulder implant surgery, teeth bleaching, botox, cranial brown lift, cheek and chin fillers, lip injections, chemical peels, full body laser hair removal are just some of the procedures that he has gotten.

The ‘interesting man’ also said that plastic surgery is better than exercise:

“My mum used to be a personal trainer so I would spend hours working out, but I haven’t been to the gym in two years now as for me surgery gives much better results, which are permanent.
“To me I now have the perfect body and don’t have to get sweaty every day.”

In fact he thinks that it is a bit of suffering for long term gain.

“For me, plastic surgery is short term pain for long-term gain.”

He wants more plastic surgeries and some of them are: calf implants, abdominal implants and a surgery to permanently change the colour of his eyes.

Scary! Scary! Scary! :(

Where does the money come from?

Here it is when he talks how he is funding the expensive cosmetic procedures:

“Thankfully I have great friends who support me personally and a partner who helps support my surgeries financially.”

What about the risks?

He has seen more than 30 cosmetic surgeons and of course he doesn’t seem to be very scared!!! (I am terrified with the message that he can be sending to other young men and women). This is what Justin says:

“But of course with every procedure I’m accepting a certain amount of risk, especially when I’m put under anesthesia.
“I realise I could die on an operating table and that something could go terribly wrong, but I don’t let that fear get in the way of pursuing my dreams.

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