Kanye ‘Advises Kim on Smile’

K Kardashian and Kanye West.Kardashian looks great with a blonde mane.


Kanye West has reportedly asked Kim Kardashian to stop smiling in photographs.

The engaged stars welcomed their daughter North into the world in June and have made every effort to shield her from public life. While they have released a couple of photos of the tot, they ensure her face is always covered when they are out and about.

Kanye has a difficult relationship with the paparazzi – he pled not guilty to attacking one photographer following a scuffle at a Los Angeles airport earlier this year. He has apparently been teaching Kim how to ensure people are less interested in getting pictures of them.

“He insists that she does an indifferent pose when they are around, just like he does,” a source told British magazine Heat.

Kim was regularly seen with a big grin on her face in pictures before she was with Kanye and her sister Khloé has even joked about how much she loves having her photo taken on the family’s TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kanye is adamant a change in her attitude will make life easier for the three of them.

“He wants the pics to be less valuable and is hoping that this will stop the paps from following her around so much, especially when she’s with Nori and him,” the insider added.

Kim may not be showing off her teeth in pictures as much these days, but that doesn’t mean she is completely camera shy. She famously showed off the results of her baby weight loss with a sexy picture of herself in a risqué white swimsuit on Instagram. She also recently gave a master class in taking the perfect selfie, with tips such as holding your chin up and always having a full face of make-up.

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