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Hello my sweethearts!

My name is Karina Guerra and I am in charge of www.sydney4women.com.au

I created this blog to help women that live in Sydney with their health and beauty needs but thanks to long hours of work and good content this Australian Blog has become very popular not only in Sydney, we are popular in Australia and we also receive a lot of visitors from around the world.

Discovering my inner beauty: Confidence Coaching Courses

In my journey through the Beauty World I have discovered so many things that I wasn’t aware before that I share here with you. From beauty treatments that I didn’t know they even existed to things celebrities do to look prettier.

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“I aim to show that even when celebrities look gorgeous they are not perfect. They are pretty woman that make the most of their assets just like you and me”


- Celebrities also have acne
- Celebrities have stretchmarks
- Celebrities have facial moles
- Celebrities have cellulite
- Most celebrities get cosmetic surgeries to enlarge their breasts

I believe that all women are beautiful but not all women feel beautiful. I have actually been in the road of discovering my self-beauty, accepting myself and understanding that it is okay not to be perfect because we are perfectly beautiful the way we are. Your entire life changes the day you get to see yourself in the mirror and you are proud to say that person there is me without thinking “Oh no! I wish I had some make up on” or “Those pimples look horrible on me

We receive so many messages everyday in glossy magazines that we kind of get confused with the real meaning of beauty. We have been trained to believe that being gorgeous is being ultra slim, completely flawless and of course having large and round breasts that fit the Hollywood style. The fact is that if you walk out and about in our Sydney streets most women are not like that. I believe Sydney has got very pretty women in town, I just would like to contribute to create awareness of how beautiful we all are.

I have been blogging for so many years that I have learned what are the things that people search for, I can help your business being found in Google. In fact, I have founded strateyee (my own digital marketing agency) to spread the word of what I have learned from blogging and publishing content.

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