Sydney4Women started as a small project to help women in Sydney. The power of the Internet has helped this community website to go global. Today Sydney4Women is the #1 Blog for Beauty, Clothes and Body Image. has become one of the most popular blogs for women around the world.

In Australia Sydney4Women is the 3,000 most visited website. Around the world our Sydney 4 Women Blog is the 170,000 most popular web page. According to alexa.

What are the topics that Sydney4Women talks about?

Sydney4women was created to help women to increase their self-confidence and improve their self-esteem.

At you will find thousands of articles and images that will help you to boost your image.

Beauty, Clothes, Cosmetic Treatments, Plastic Surgeries, Diets, Exercises and Celebrities is what you can expect to see in my SYDNEY4WOMEN Blog.

Sydney4Women Beauty

Beauty is important for women. We need to look good to feel good. Beauty covers many different aspects of our life. Beauty comes from the outside and from the inside. In our Sydney4Women blog you will find tips, tricks and advice that will help you to feel proud about yourself and look gorgeous. Everybody will notice how good you look.

Pictures of celebrities that you can find in Sydney4women

At we have a vast collection of pictures of celebrities. Most of them are very inspiring because they look their best, wearing beautiful clothes, make up and hair styles. Others are from their every day lives, in their worse looks so you can see that they are just like you and me when they are not at the red carpet.

We also have a very large collection of before and after pictures of the stars so you can compare how they look: before and after cosmetic surgeries, before and after make up, before and after diets or weight loss. These before and after pictures seem to be the favourite ones of our readers.

Sydney4Women objectives:

Celebrities spend hours and hours to look the way they do when they are on tv or on glossy magazines.

Kim Kardashian gets make up to appear on tv

Celebrities are not naturally beautiful. They get lots of help from make up artists and professionals that make them look gorgeous when they are in front of the cameras.

In the picture above we can see Kim Kardashian getting make up.

  • We intend to help women to look and feel good.
  • We show women that celebrities could be pretty but they are not perfect.
  • We aim to promote that it is okay to have imperfections. We don’t have to be perfect and we still can be pretty. Check out: Celebrities also have acne
  • We present the latest news about beauty, clothes and body image.
  • We cover what the latest trends of clothes, nails, cosmetic treatments, fashion and hair styles.
  • We get inspired by famous women but we accept that we don’t have to look like them. We can aim to look gorgeous but we don’t have to obsess with our flaws.  See: How celebrities use their assets to get attention
  • We make our best efforts to show realistic pictures of the stars that prove that they are as normal as any other woman in the world. Check out: Not all celebrities are super slim
  • We hope that women would learn that we can’t compare ourselves with celebrities because their job is to look amazing.

Pictures I like in Sydney4Women

Real Women Before and After Make Up

Picture of Napoleon Perdis published on Facebook

Articles that I like

Not everybody likes beautiful women

A Facebook discussion that shows how not everybody likes Jennifer Hawkins

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