Kate Middleton: Body After Baby makes you feel bad?

All women who have had a baby know how hard it could be to go back to your previous body shape after having a baby. I still remember when I had my first daughter that I asked my yoga instructor: “when am I going to go back to my previuos body shape” and she said it might take a few months, years or maybe nerver. “Never?” It was so shocking to hear that but it is true.

I am lucky and I have been able to almost go back to my previous body shape, my abodmen is very strong but I still haven’t totally recovered my pre-baby body after a more than half a dozen years of becoming a mother.

And then here I am observing pictures and pictures of so many famous women who make us believe that it is so easy: you go to hospital and in a matter of a few weeks your body looks like nothing happened before.

This week Kate Middleton was on the news after making her first public appearance after delivering her prince baby George. To be honest I must admit that I quite like Kate, although she is Royalty she makes me feel that she is very genuine. I loved the fact that she went through natural labour without pain killers. It is a tough decision and not many women choose to go that way. That little thing made me admire her more.

And here she is slim as if she has never been pregnant. I assume that Spanx might be one of her secrets but still the beautiful Catherine looks slim and gorgeous.

Kate Middleton shows her slim body after having a baby

If you have been following me, you might know that I believe that we women should be careful with the ‘body image’ messages that pictures like this send to us. We should alwyas remember that these beautiful ladies who are rich and famous are only the 1% of the population and most women do struggle to go back to their previous body shapes.

I publish this picture because let’s be honest, we all want to know how Kate looks. That is our feminine curiosity but now the question is: Do pictures like this one make you feel bad about the extra kilos that pregnancy has left in your body?

Kate Middleton wears skinny jeans a few weeks after having a baby

The weight issue of the Princess is so important that it has created headline news.

The NY Daily News says:

Kate Middleton returns to royal duties, shows off slim post-baby body in first official public appearance since giving birth

Gorgeous and slim as always Kate Middleton wears a Ralph Lauren green blazer and skinny jeans on her first public appearance with Prince William at the three-day 131-mile ultra-marathon around the coast of Anglesey, Wales

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