Kate Middleton Body Shape Before Famous

Do you want to know how Kate looked like before being famous?

At the St Andrews University Fashion Show KATE MIDDLETON modelled this transparent dress. Now the world can see how her legs and stomach were before fame, how big her breasts were and how her nose has been reshaped.

I believe she had a beautiful and healthy body shape for a young woman.

This might not be the favourite picture of Kate Middleton, it is not close to how the new Princess looks now but this is the day when Mr Prince met her and felt the attraction for this young and sexy girl.

I like Kate Middleton, for me she is fresh and authentic. I like this old picture of the future Queen.

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Kate Middleton Body Shape Before Famous — 2 Comments

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  2. “Before she was famous”? Seriously? Only barely…. this photo was *widely* circulated during the decade she spent dating the prince…. he was in the audience for crying out loud. If there are any changes to her physique from the photo above they were done almost fully in the public eye — she’s been consistently material for british paparazzi since that time.

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