Kate Middleton’s Beauty Secrets

This is Kate Middleton before being famous.

Her beauty secrets are:

1. Natural Look

To please the queen she has to look natural. Fake eyelashes for example wouldn’t be good for her look.

Kate Middleton

On the big day she didn’t look much different. All part of her image creation of “down to earth” girl.

2. She has curly hair.

Kate Middleton

That is why she gets a professional blowdry every week from Richard Ward.

3. Nose Job for the Princess?

Although this cannot be confirmed 100% I’d say her nose has been reshaped a little bit but in a very natural way. Again, this is only a perception but we cannot confirm this.
Kate Middleton Nose Job

4. Permanent Make Up on her eyes

Kate Middleton Eye'sThis is my theory: Kate Middleton has her eye’s tattooed. I have been observing so many pictures of her. And her eyes look pretty much the same even when she is doing sports or partying her eyeliner never changes. Have a look to the pictures I published to prove it.

5. Kate has had Acne

Observe how she has some acne scars on her forehead. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Kate Middleton

6. Kate Middleton has gone through Teeth Whitening

Like many other celebrities Catherine had a smile makeover. The Daily Mail has even published more details about the dental treatment that she has received.

Kate Middleton Teeth

7. Kate Middleton has two facial moles

Yes, Princess also have moles and facial imperfections.Kate' Skin Imperfections?

More celebrities than you imagine have facial moles and Kate is one of those.

8. The Princess was once overweight

Kate Middeton when she was a University Student

Weight Loss is a problem for many celebrities. Kate’s diet and fitness program have worked for her.

9. Kate Middleton has very pretty legs

She exercises a lot so you cannot see cellulite on her strong legs like you do on many other famous actresses and singers. She is fit and in a good shape.

10. Kate Middleton lost weight for the wedding.

Experts say because she was nervous.Kate Middleton has los weight

It is believed that she is on the same diet as her mum.

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