Katie Cassidy Nose Job? | Plastic Surgery Rumour of the Day

Why so many people think Katie Cassidy has had a cosmetic surgery?

Does she really look very different?

Has KAtie Cassidy gone through a nose job?

I have recently posted pictures of the beautiful Katy and I don’t really think the star has had any surgery but given the fact that there are rumours about it let’s compare a couple of images from before and after.

Check out these before and after pictures of Katie. Can you spot a difference in her nose?

I believe the shape of her nose hasn’t changed. She is very busty and we would have to find out if she has got implants or if those big breasts are natural.

Do you believe Katie’s beauty is fake or natural?

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KATIE CASSIDY at 2012 New York Comic Con. The star shows off her busty figure and pretty legs in black stockings and tiny shorts. Click to enlarge the image and get more details on Katie’s outfit.

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Katie Cassidy Nose Job? | Plastic Surgery Rumour of the Day — 3 Comments

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  2. I think she’s had quite a bit of botox in her forehead, and I think she had something done to her teeth. They look different- it’s as if they are a little too big for her mouth…maybe veneers?

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