Katy Perry Pictures | Before & After Cosmetic Surgery

This is how Katy Perry looked at the Loggies Australian TV Awards.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is also one of the Hollywood’s Most Attractive Women and yes like many other celebrities it looks like she has got cosmetic surgery too.

Katy Perry has got a boob job

Katy Perry Boob Job

Image: wireimage / topnews.in

Katy Perry’s nose shape also changed a little bit.

Has Katy Perry got a nose job?

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Katy Perry Pictures | Before & After Cosmetic Surgery — 6 Comments

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  5. Look at the evidence…Katy Perry’s breasts ARE FAKE. They have a super round upper ridge further more they are are way too big for her frame. Photographs to prove this are readily availble on line ( U tube Katy Pery before plastic surgery) Show Katherine Hudson ( Her real name) with dark blonde hair, a small frame, and no implants.Katy Perry is a liar. She has fake breasts, a nose job, fake skin tanning or spary tanning that makes her skin orange, fake over bleached white teeth, however her lower teeth are extremly crooked, her teeth are awfull looking. She also has fake dyed black hair. Her eyes are actually a dull grey blue, by the magazines photoshop the image to make her eyes a piercing light blue also fake. You can tell by looking at her eyes in a live interview they won’t be piercing blue. Look up U tube before her plastic surgery. Why are so many people defending this PHONEY? !

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