Keith Urban cuts hair

Keith Urban's new haircut

Keith Urban has had his iconic hair cut.

The country music star is known for his shaggy locks and rugged image.

However, it seems the 46-year-old musician was ready for a change and kept his Twitter followers up to date with his every move during the process.

“Snow ain’t the only thing falling in Nashville today!! -KU (sic)” he wrote, accompanied with a photo of a hair-covered floor and a salon chair.

Reactions from fans were mixed, with some approving of the change while others seemed shocked and nervous.

“@KeithUrban how short did you go kid!” user @Oldlady12345 wrote, while user @JLOved4ever exclaimed: ” @KeithUrban wwwhhhhaaaaattttt! (sic)”

It wasn’t long before Keith unveiled his short hair, paired with a white Bob Marley T-shirt and a cheeky grin.

The singer isn’t the only star to make a change to their hair this week.

Actress Jessica Alba posted a photo of newly-dyed blonde locks last week on her Instagram account.

Fans were quick to compliment the mom-of-two and the drastic colour change.

“Wow… one of the few women on this planet that I highly doubt ever looks bad. You are simply stunning mrs alba. Simply stunning. (sic)” connormp0420 gushed.

While adoring followers added comments, Jessica appeared to have a change of heart a few days later.

Yesterday the 32-year-old star posted another photo showing her hair back to its natural honey-brown colour.

She was also wearing a necklace with the word Honest, named after her business The Honest Company.

“Love my new #honest necklace thank [email protected]!!! #jenniferzeuner (sic)” she wrote excitedly.

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