Khloé’s lipgloss love

Khloé Kardashian


Khloé Kardashian can’t get enough of her new lipgloss.

The 29-year-old star often shares her favourite beauty products with fans online and always makes an effort to look glamorous. She and her sisters Kim and Kourtney have their own make up range, Kardashian Beauty, and it seems Khloé loves one item more than the rest.

Posting a mini photo collage of herself on her Instagram account, Khloé can be seen pouting at the camera. There is also a snap of her gazing into the distance with her highlighted locks in loose curls, while another shows her out and about wearing a white crop top and skirt. A photo of her Honey Stick lipgloss has also been added to the collage.

“Guess my #honeystick #kardashianbeauty available (sic)” she wrote as a caption.

Khloé has previously shared what other products from her line she loves, such as the mascara Stroke of Midnight.

“I love the Stroke of Midnight, because I love that the bristles are firm. They really coat! Sometimes when they’re too soft, they don’t separate your lashes enough. And I don’t like really chunky lashes, I like them to be a little more wispy” she recently told

“I literally don’t let any make-up artist put on my mascara. I do it myself. I just have to. It takes me just a minute; I start from the inner corner, and do one coat. Then I’ll let it dry and do another coat because I think it adds to that layer. I just like volume. The bigger, the better!”

She and her sisters each have their own eye palettes in the line. When asked whether she is bothered about one being more popular than the others Khloé laughed.

“No, I really don’t care!” she said. “I secretly have Kim’s palette in my purse.”

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