Kidd’s Advice to Delevingne

British Fashion Awards 2013 - Red Carpet Arrivals. Look After Yourself

Jodie Kidd wants Cara Delevingne to “look after herself”.

The 35-year-old Brit is a pro in front of the cameras and returned to modelling last year after a short break, in which she added some weight to her very thin frame.

She’s now back in business and has some words of wisdom for new additions to the industry, such as 21-year-old party girl Cara.

“You’ve got to ,” she advised British magazine OK!

“That’s number one. The modelling world is all take, take, take, so it’s really important to take care of yourself. Oh, and be wise financially. It’s very easy to get swept up and waste money. So buy a house, buy a property, put whatever you’ve got somewhere that’s going to be safe.”

Jodie caused concern with her slim figure when she first started modelling and was accused of promoting the 90s’ ‘heroin chic’ trend.

She’s happy and healthy now and says she didn’t pay attention to gossip back in the day.

“I had no idea what was being said about me at the time or what was going on!” she admitted.

“When you’re 15, you don’t have a clue. And by the time stories appeared in the papers, I was off to my next job, somewhere else in the world. I was very tall and very skinny and I had lost a lot of weight. I went from being in the county athletic team to sitting on planes all the time, so I lost a massive amount of muscle.”

Jodie admits she still feels insecure from time to time and tells herself she’s “too old and wrinkly”.

However, she’s still sought after in the fashion world and her son Indio, two, could follow in her footsteps.

“He hasn’t been to a shoot yet, but I’d love to take him along to one,” she smiled.

“He’s been in a few pictures and he loves it. He’s such a poser when the camera is there. I wonder where he got that from, eh!”

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