Kim Kardashian Fat or Wrong Clothes?

I always tell my clients that wrong clothes make you fat.

Choosing big clothes creates the visual effect of having extra kilos.

Kim went to the Angel Ball in New York on Monday dressed with that big blue dress. If you compare her with that other picture where the star shows her curves we can see that she is not fat at all.

Kim Kardashian gets extra weight with the wrong clothes
The problem with Kim is that she is very curvy and her hips are very wide, so are her breasts so if she doesn’t accentuate her feminine body shape and adds on material she gives the impression that she is actually fat (when she isn’t). Kim has put some extra weight though. The star even told Life & Style Magazine:

‘I’m hoping to slim down a little bit, and I’m not afraid to say it,’

Kim has reportedly gained around 20lbs since she began dating rapper Kanye, which led to her decision to shift the weight earlier this month.

After all these many comments about her body shape Kim posted this snap to her Twitter page on Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian's picture on Twitter
We can see that she is not fat!

This is another bad selection of clothes that didn’t help Kim to look her best, she even had to accept that she had to be on the list of the worst dressed. weight obsessed readers are looking at:

Lipo Scars
Miley Cirus Boobs
Julie Benz Breast Implants

Kim Kardashian's wide hips and large butt

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