From Knees to Toes: Heather & Britney

It is interesting how we women have different insecurities. Many of those insecurities come from our physical appearance. We are exposed to images of women that seem to be perfect but trust me I have observed more than 10,000 of pictures of famous women without retouching and I can tell you that even the prettiest celebrity has imperfections.

That is how I started blogging, I wanted to show the entire world how all women are perfect with their imperfections.

I was observing pictures these morning of beautiful and famous women and these two caught my attention: Heather Locker shows some kind of a funny shape in her knees (look below).

How to fix this knee problem?

I would say exercise would be good to tighten her skin.

Britney Spears has show Psoroasis evidence in her feet.

Can you see how even the rich and famous are not perfect. These ladies are human like you and me and they have to cope with their flaws, what they are good at is at showing off their assets (although I am not very sure if Heather would’ve been better with a different kind of dress but is she is happy like this, who cares?)

Psoroasis is a skin problem that has to be treated by a doctor.

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