Kurkova disgusted by Botox

Karolina Kurkova dressed as a man with vynil shorts

Karolina Kurkova has branded Botox “rat poison”.

The 29-year-old Czech model is vocal about her aversion to the skin smoothing cosmetic procedure. When asked how she felt about Botox, Karolina made no secret of her viewpoint.

“Rat poison,” she told Huffington Post when asked to sum up Botox.

Quizzed on what there is too much of in the world, Karolina continued to display her clean-living attitude as she singled out “sugar, wheat and gluten”.

Karolina is one of the highest earning models in the fashion industry. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel has worked with some of the biggest designers around including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci and Calvin Klein.

Despite her success, she remains down to earth and revealed that each night before she goes to sleep she reads her son “a bedtime story”.

She wants people to know she is a grounded person and would like to be described as “nice and funny”, before revealing that the biggest misconception about her is that “supermodels are not nice”.

When asked what legacy she wants to leave behind, Karolina revealed: “That people will remember me as funny, real and passionate.”

Karolina was also quizzed on how men should dress.

She believes a well-turned out guy will “exude confidence, elegance and charm without being cocky”. The beauty also highlighted some fashion faux pas that the opposite sex should never commit.

“Men should never… wear square-toed shoes and white tennis socks with sandals,” she smiled.

Quizzed on how a fashionable woman should look, Karolina revealed she favours a “neat and clean” appearance.

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