Lady Gaga’s flight transformation

Lady Gaga arrives at the LAX International Airport, Los Angeles wearing a crazy and futuristic outfit

Lady Gaga chose her long haul flight as the place for a dramatic outfit change when she flew to Tokyo.

On Monday she arrived at Los Angeles’ LAX ready for an 11 hour flight to Tokyo dressed in a cocoon-like ensemble that covered the petite star, leaving just her hands and head sticking out.

However, when Gaga touched down in Tokyo yesterday, she had dramatically changed her look with a new outfit and hair style.

She donned a military-style khaki shirt and trousers, with a quirky pair of glasses reminiscent of an optician’s machinery completing her ensemble. Even more striking was her hair, which had been completely transformed. Gone were the long locks she started the flight with, and in place was a short curled style.

Gaga’s first dress was created by Slovenian designer Peter Movrin and is made from a mix of silk and artificial leather.

Peter called his design The Franz Madonna Dress, and Gaga showed off the intricate back detail, with what appeared to be scales running down her spine to give the outfit a reptile feel.
Lady Gaga arrives at the LAX International Airport, Los Angeles wearing a crazy and futuristic outfit
The dress comes with a $9,543 price tag and is made to order, in a design that Peter describes as “a modern attack on medieval attire”.

Drawing on Gothic influences of the 12th century, Peter explains that different inspiration was used to create the look.

“As a contrast to strong details on leather there is a light and poetic feeling to the material that mitigates the collection and adds a bit of romanticism. I combined investigation of this era and people’s characters with the Eastern world and the Islamic religion.

“Rich jewellery is applied as small braided notches so one can feel a connection with Eastern religions and suffering. Covered faces and curiosity about what is under metres of dark material drive us to investigate forms that are shown through body movement. Maybe underneath it all, there is hope,” he said.

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