Lagerfeld: Exercise is Dull

Chanel "Metiers d'Art" Show. Workout Is Boring

Karl Lagerfeld thinks people who love the gym are “brainwashed”.

The Chanel creative director famously shed 90lbs. a decade ago by reducing what he eats to steamed vegetables and diet coke.

He employs chefs to ensure his meals are still tasty, but hasn’t changed all areas of his life that much.

“People who are obsessed with exercise, they are brainwashed. It’s a bore,” he told British magazine InStyle. “People exercise because they eat a lot. I don’t eat that much so I don’t have a lot to get rid of.”

Karl enjoys giving frank views and often shares his opinions on the industry. There are several things which annoy him at the moment, not least people who ask for tips on how to make it. The designer will never give away his secrets as he believes up-and-coming stars need to show their own point of view, not count on what has gone before.

“I am tired of celebrities. Let’s go back to unknown beauties. Celebrities and icons are overdone,” he added.

“I don’t like the term ‘young designer’. They should just be designers, because if they’re labelled young it means they are not interesting enough to be simply a designer.”

Karl is also bored of people’s obsession with technology and believes cell phones have had a negative impact on the world.

“The world is distorted by these. I don’t even go in the street anymore. Even in the middle of the night there’s somebody [outside my house]. The people who come up to me are all very nice but at the same time it’s a bore,” he said, before offering his view on social media.

“I have no time for it. The day is too short. I am not interested in looking for unknown friends. I know enough people already.”

Yesterday Chanel staged its annual Métiers d’Art show in Dallas, Texas. It came in three parts, the first of which was a screening of the new Chanel short film The Return. Guests were asked to climb into vintage cars to watch it as if at a drive through, with US Vogue editor Anna Wintour sharing a vehicle with André Leon Talley and Karl.

Stars including Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart and Lauren Hutton were on hand to watch the fashion show which made up the second stage. It had a western theme, with denim, fringe and pearls all featuring.

“I love Dallas. I love Texans. They are the nicest of people,” Karl told Dallas News. “Texas is wild, but I made it more romantic.”

Finally there was a glitzy after-party, with Dakota joking she was looking forward to changing out of her dress so she could pig out on Mexican food.

The annual show is staged at a different venue every year, each with links to Chanel – Texas was important to the label’s founder Coco as her 1954 collection was championed by a retailer there.

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