Lagerfeld Praised for Attitude

Chanel "Metiers d'Art" Show. Karl Lagerfeld´s Recognition.


Karl Lagerfeld is the only designer who “speaks”, according to Jean Touitou.

Jean, the founder of French ready-to-wear brand A.P.C, is known for being forthright with his opinions on other fashion stars.

Opening up to, he claims he would like someone to challenge his frank comments. He believes Chanel creative director Karl is one of few designers who is confident enough to speak out.

“I wish someone would say I was stupid, and that I should say something better. I feel a little alone there. Well, I’m not completely alone. [Karl] Lagerfeld may not have good taste, but he has opinions. He’s the only one who speaks. And Azzedine Alaïa,” he explained.

“From a design perspective, I think Phoebe Philo is doing an incredible job. I think sometimes the wrong customer is buying the bags. It’s tricky. And Miuccia Prada – I have a lot of respect for her all the way. She has built something incredible.”

One of the reasons Jean is such a fan of Phoebe and Miuccia is because their pieces transform those who wear them. The 62-year-old designer believes some in the industry could learn a lot from the designers.

“I mean, to tell you the truth there’s nothing more sexual than the Prada dresses or the dresses that Phoebe Philo does. If I was a woman of my age I would be so sad that all those years of fighting for women has come to this prostitute fashion,” he sighed.

“Why do women have to wear those shoes? They’re the same shoes from porn movies. I don’t get it. I’m not against heels under certain circumstances. It’s fun to have heels at a party. But there’s a comedy in huge heels, in being exposed. No man exposes his feet. There’s something about male domination there. But you know, I don’t want to sound boring.”

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