Large Breasts Can Be Ugly? Nicki Minaj Shows Funny Boobs

Sorry Nicki but those huge breasts don’t look very pretty (this is my point of view, others might defer).

Big breasts are highly valued by our society and most celebrities go through surgeries to get them big.

The picture of Nicki Minaj gave me food for thought. I ask myself if large breasts are necessarily pretty?

It might be because my breasts are not excessively big that I want to believe that it is not necessary to have large breasts to be considered pretty, sexy, attractive, etc.

Beauty and attractiveness comes in all different sizes and shapes. I don’t think Nicki’s breasts are natural. Her look is quite fake so why not her boobs?

I might not like her but the star has gots her fans that love everything about her. This crazy looking celebrity works hard on being eccentric wearing her never classic outfits that we now enjoy.

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