My Laser Hair Removal Journey: Does it Work?

I have PCOS Polycistic Ovaric Syndrome what contributes to the growth of unwanted hair. I don’t like to use words like ‘unwanted hair’ because I believe there is a lot of marketing behind it to try to persuade us to get hairless with the products or sevices that beauty companies advertise but in my case this facial hair was indeed unwanted hair. What kind of woman would like to have dark and thick hairs in her chin? Not me!

I know, there are a lot of expectations of how woman should look like created by the media but in my personal point of view I don’t feel good with those hairy spikes in my chin.

I also had hair in my side cheeks that I didn’t like and my mustache (or upper lip as they call it) is not too bad but I also get hairs there. I had tried everything possible to reduce the hair on my face, from electrolysis, wax, special and expensive at home machines to laser.

I started getting laser quite a few years ago, in fact more than 7 and you know what, I even forgot that it acutally worked in a 100% in one of the areas I had treated.

I still get those hairs on my chin that make me feel ugly but I manage to shave them with a special shaver that the Laser Hair Removal Company recommend me and with that little thing I manage to look more ‘feminine’. I went back to laser 3 months ago just before the summer started but then I couldn’t continue because I was been exposed to the sun. I went back yesterday, when the beauty therapist asked about my facial hair on my sides I noticed that I nearly forgot that once I also had hair there and that it was actually laser what got rid off it.

Now, I have to go back again seriously to try to reduce my chin’s hairs. The lady says I can really reduce it if I am constant again (What I haven’t been in the last 2 years), I have to admit that I have been having my chin treated for a few years now and the hairs still grow back but the treatments were interrupted by 2 pregnancies so this time I will have to aim for a serious series of treatments to reduce the number of hairs growing on my face.

I also got a treatment for an area that it is called ‘the coil’ what is a small line in the middle of my stomach where the hairs disappeared but now they are growing back.

This is why in Australia, Laser Hair Removal business are not allowed to call it ‘removal’, they are only allowed to say ‘reduction’ because the hair can always grow back.

Anyway, if you ask me if I believe it works, I do believe it works, you just have to be constant, find a clinic that has good quality equipments and properly trained staff because it can be dangerous if you go cheap.

Good luck in your journey of removing ‘unwanted hair’.Karina Guerra-Ornelas share stories about laser hair removal

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